Arquivo do mês: junho 2009

lines, vines and trying times

eu sei que minha vida ainda vai ser menos complicada. eu sei disso.

e eu tenho mesmo a melhor mãe do universo.

goodnight and goodbye

hold on tight, it’s a roller coaster ride we’re on, so say goodbye  cause I won’t be back again. up and down, you’re all around. say goodnight and goodbye. well boy, i’m sorry for disappointing you but i’m done with being up and down and pushed around… no more.

before we’re broken hearts, let’s have our last goodbyes. no restless nights, but lullabies helps make this pain go away. you realize you let me down, told me that you’d be around, and you’re building up the strength just to say that you’re sorry for breaking all the promises that you wasn’t around to keep. don’t beg me to stay, i’m already on my way. i’m filled with sorrow, filled with pain, and you know that you’re to blame for leaving my heart out in the rain, and you know i’m gonna walk away. you say you can’t make it alive on your own, but i have to go and leave you alone. it’s too late, but not too late for the friendship to remain.

the night is calling and we’re falling faster now. pushing me away, every last word, every single thing you say. pushing me away, try to stop me now, but it’s already too late. pushing me away, if you really don’t care, then say it to my face. pushing me away, you push, push, you’re pushing me away.